World Bee Project and Oracle To Track Honey On The Blockchain

The technology giant Oracle has started a new partnership with the World Bee Project in order to create a blockchain technology that would create a system in order to assure sustainability in the supply chain of honey. The report was originally made by Ledger Insights, who covered this story.

Now, this new blockchain-based honey tracing platform is set to be created by the companies. It will be based on the Oracle Blockchain Platform and will use the “BeeMark” label, which has been created for this project. The BeeMark label will ensure that all the projects are fully sustainable and ecological.

The project will also use other technologies aside from the blockchain. For instance, data science will also be very important for the success of the initiative. The data will be gathered with monitoring systems that will be put inside beehives.

After that, the bees will be monitored and their health will be tracked, as well as the environmental factors that can affect the lives of the bees and the quality of the honey.

It was also reported by Ledger Insights that this is not the first partnership between the two companies. Before this latest enterprise, Oracle worked with the World Bee Projects in order to create a blockchain that could be used to certify honey as genuine.

This solution was also based on the Oracle Blockchain Platform and, as soon as the next one is done, the two can be used side by side by the clients and the producers.

Using The Blockchain For Sustainability

Not only the technology will benefit the supply chain, but it will also be used for sustainability purposes. As you may know, the decline in the number of bees is happening for quite a long time now and it can be a risk for mankind, as it may even affect agriculture in many ways.

Therefore, the companies are interested in more than just the bee business and are also using the project in order to understand better what is causing a dangerous decline in the total number of bees.

Other Companies Are Also Using The Blockchain To Track Food

These two are far from the only companies using the blockchain technology in order to track food. IBM, for instance, with its IBM Food Trust initiative, is making several partnerships with large companies such as Carrefour, Walmart, Nestlé and others.

Even Walmart China has recently started a new partnership with VeChain in order to track food using the Thor blockchain. According to the blockchain company, a significant portion of the products sold in the Chinese store will be tracked. This includes fresh meat, vegetables and packaged seafood.