Craig Wright Has To Appear In Florida Lawsuit Or Be Held In Contempt in Satoshi Saga

A Southern District Court of Florida judge ordered Craig Wright to appear in Florida on June 17 or be held in contempt of court. Mr. Wright has to provide a list of all the Bitcoin (BTC) addresses he has owned before December 2013.

Craig Wright To Appear In Florida Court

Although most of the crypto users and enthusiasts are focused on Facebook’s possible announcement of its cryptocurrency, a Southern District Court of Florida ordered Mr. Wright to appear in Florida on Monday, June 17.

This comes after representatives of Dave Kleiman believe that his inheritance was misappropriated by Craig Wright. He has also been ordered to provide a list of all the Bitcoin addresses that he owned as of December 2013. He has explained to the court that due to the fact that he worked with blind trust, it is difficult and complicated for him to have these addresses.

Wright attorneys explained about this issue:

“Dr. Wright does not know the public addresses of the Bitcoin held by the trusts (i.e., the bitcoin mined by Dr. Wright in 2009 after block 70, through 2010).”

According to News.Bitcoin, on June 14, the court handed down a motion to compel, which means the plaintiffs found the information provided by Wright was insufficient.

Now, Wright must be compliant with the court and the requests that are being made. If he does not provide what is needed, he could be held in contempt or make things worse for his defence.

It is worth mentioning that the Kleinman estate wants to compel Wright to comply. If not, they will be seeking sanctions for his failure not to be able to provide information. The motion to complain explains that Wright didn’t provide an explanation about why he cannot obtain the necessary keys from the third parties.

Craig Wright has been taking legal actions against those calling him a fraud or saying he is not Satoshi Nakamoto. Individuals affected by these issues include Peter McCormack and the Twitter user Hodlonaut. Both of them are now in legal disputes with Mr. Wright.