Number of Smart Contracts on TRON DApp Shoots up by 1098%

In a recent Medium report, the team at TRON shared their weekly report regarding the TRON DApp (decentralized app) performance. Some of the numbers that have been elaborated upon include the number of DApps, smart contracts, DApp DAUs, the 24-hour trading volume and number of transactions.

As per the claims made, the highlight of progress is the increase in the number of smart contracts. In particular, last week, the number smart contracts increased by 1098%, that is from as little as 82 to 983.

Some of the reasons why said number is almost reaching the 1000 ranges are because of the contribution on behalf of gambling DApps and crypto exchanges this week reports the TRON Foundation. A detailed table breaking down the overall performance has been shared.

As for DApps, DApp DAUs and the 24-hour trading volume remained unchanged, while TRON’s single day transaction volume easily exceeded 1 billion USD. The team noted that this mark, “the progress and prosperity of the TRON ecosystem.”

News outlet, AMB Crypto also happens to have reported on this matter, and has since referenced TRON advocate, Misha Lederman, who seems to have provided a comparison between TRON, EOS and ETH. More specifically, they looked at the growth rate of DAppsover a span of eight weeks and TRON leads the crowd with 68% followed by EOS’ 18% and Ethereum’s 18%.