BlockShow Becomes Festival of Decentralized Technology

Blockshow is an international blockchain conference which is set to occur on November 14 and 15, 2019 in Singapore at Marina Bay Sands Expo. It has announced a change in concept, going from being a conference on blockchain to a Festival of Decentralized Technology. Nine conferences will be held during this period, which include the following:

  • Money
  • Trading
  • Gaming &DApps
  • Investment and Startups
  • Business
  • Development
  • Regulations
  • Marketing and PR
  • Privacy and Security

The goal of BlockShow is to being more innovative thought to the conference by expanding each topic. Each topic will have its own curated program where everyone will be on the same page. This step will encourage discussion and allow for the audience to explore the subject more thoroughly.

The list of guests who will be part of BlockShow Festival 2019 is prestigious and includes some notable figures. This includes Justin Sun who is the founder and CEO of Tron and the CEO of BitTorrent, CrisDuy Tran, who is the director of QRC Group, Ted Lin, the chief growth officer at Binance, Mike Kayamori, the CEO and co-founder of Quoine and many others.

With the new format, the main speakers can be part of all nine sectors and answer questions, such as how to work with legislators to drive them to adopting blockchain and how to fight scams that exist in the crypto currency industry.

Each year, this event hosts competitions between startups, and the previous participants have raised more than $1 billion combined. They include notable startups like Bancor, which is a decentralized liquidity network and Electrify Asia, a retail electricity marketplace.

For 2019, BlockShow has stated it will provide a bullish boost for the startups with a competition EXP20. Startups will compete to impress investors where they could win financial support along with other support. They may win meetings with private investors and receive tickets and exhibition booths along with a stage performance. New conferences will be announced from BlockShow in the next few weeks.