An interview with Mr. Kravchenko, CEO of

02 Hong Kong Blockchain Week 2019

A big Blockchain Week was held in Hong Kong from 5 to 8 March 2019. Amongst the participating teams was, who brought along an end-to-end software solution on both distributed registry and traditional systems. “These solutions may be interesting in China, where the economy is built as a cluster of economic systems”, said Roman Kravchenko, CEO of

03“The concept of a cluster economy includes various entities that can interact with each other base on Blockchain technology. Our company is building a full-fledged ecosystem. These entities can share assets digitally, as well as transfer rights within and outside of this cluster.

A cluster is a group of economic entities that are connected in a chain of single production and consumption. These entities can share information, values, and have a closed economy. They can be combined with other clusters and subclusters. We optimize the model of their interaction, as well as predict results. For example, within a cluster, entities can transfer a right to any objects, and no one can prohibit this transaction. They can also pay for products or rental of movable or immovable property. It is clear to see that the system can work without an intermediary. A distributed system has a consensus algorithm that helps entities make decisions honestly, fairly, and publicly.

04Ana Shell Media Press with team

Our company is on the market for over 6 years, and we have around 160 developers, 40 of them are experts in blockchain technologies.

Team consists of more than 100 people. 50 people are working on projects in Blockchain development, while the rest are back-end and front of developers. We have been in the market for over 6 years.

Our projects include:

  1. Development of protocols for Blockchain of various ecosystems;
  2. Development of economic models;
  3. Internet solutions, robotics in Blockchain technology.

We have strong support from universities and other research centers. Our company also has many Logistics projects.

Our current Projects are:

Now we are working with ProximaX to develop a Blockchain project. With Quarteam in tight interaction over the protocol for ProximaX, this is a platform for the exchange of information and video in real time based on the blockchain and APFS storage.

We are also working with the government of one Asian country to identify its citizens.

In one of the projects, we are developing an ecosystem for managing public keys of access to various services without using a password. We are doing the RoboCharge Project, in which robots are exchanged by a service of charging one robot from another or the payment from one robot to another and so on.

In March 2019, there will be a big Conference in Ukraine. We invite all guests to participate in it. We will present the Teapot Project at this Conference, which uses the trusted execution environment technology to speed up the work of the Blockchain. We will also present other unique projects! Come to us! Thanks to Hong Kong for the hospitality”.


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