Singapore: A Famous Hub for Blockchain and Crypto Events

In the wake of cryptocurrency launches and fame acquired by the disruptive blockchain technology, ICOs are sweeping in with the digital tide. Realizing the long term benefits of blockchain technology, many tech entrepreneurs have taken to organizing and hosting blockchain conferences and events around the world.

On these platforms, ICOs can raise awareness and funding for their ideas. Not only can startups and ICOs pitch their ideas to investors at such events, but crypto enthusiasts can also gain access to a platform where they can meet and connect with the blockchain community leaders.

Singapore is emerging as a major hub for blockchain and crypto events with an influx of startups and companies. It is the third largest market in terms of revenue generated from crypto-token sales and considered to be one of the cheapest places if you are planning to launch an ICO.

“It’s true that the Singapore ecosystem is really vibrant and full of opportunities, but it’s not an easy task to get hold of the right one,” shared Mohamed Asif, CEO at AZ FundChain. At AZ FundChain, the vision is to fuel financial inclusion at a global scale by enabling people to run decentralized money circles and crowdfunding campaigns.

“We got such a platform at Pitcher Perfect by UCIM as we shared our idea in a room full of investors and participated in private meetings with them. The appreciation and encouragement from the investor community has given us a boost and we are all set to transform the financial markets,” he further added.

Below is a list of top 4 blockchain and crypto events in Singapore:

  1. Pitcher Perfect by UCIM | 15th February 2019

The UCIM platform in the pursuit of a blockchain revolution provides the opportunity for ICOs and investors to unite. After successfully concluding the conference in November, UCIM has now hosted Pitcher Perfect in Singapore. Select projects got an opportunity to interact with investment funds, venture capitalists, family offices, quant funds, and OTC traders. To leverage it all, they were given a chance to pitch, attend private meetings, dine and network with key stakeholders.

  1. Blockchain Investors Summit | 14-15 March 2019

The event focuses on blockchain investment through expert panel discussions, speaking sessions, and premium networking. It features leading corporate and institutional investors, private banks, hedge funds, sovereign wealth funds, and family offices.

  1. The Blockchain Day Singapore | 10-11 June 2019

The conference features keynote presentations, combining panels, live demonstrations, and industry roundtables. The event focuses on business innovation across all industries with a mission to bridge the gap between European talent and Asian innovative landscape.

  1. Blockchain World Forum | 19-20 September 2019

The event offers an interactive platform for regulators, leading technologists, entrepreneurs, investors, academics and financial institutions of the Blockchain industry. The event also exhibits innovative business and technological applications for the industry. It offers a range of conference sessions, workshops, case demos, live shows, and mentoring clinics.

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