Israel Bitcoin Summit

The future of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

Tel Aviv, 8 January 2019

The Bitcoin Summit is the largest summit for cryptocurrency holders and companies in the Blockchain Industry in Israel. The summit is expected to attract nearly thousand attendees, delegates, and start-ups in Israel and worldwide.

Crypto and Blockchain events are usually impressively lined up with the most glamorous  entrepreneurs who promise us a new economy. However, the way there is full of challenges and it is much harder to dig into the depths of technology and the hidden secrets of the practitioners. Therefore, we have set ourselves the goal of bringing you the best hands-on advice by pioneers, for pioneers.


If you are passionate about what’s happening in the Bitcoin and digital currency industry, Israel Bitcoin summit is the place for you!
The conference is being held at the Smolarz Auditorium on Tel Aviv University.
The program will be published by the end of November. Schedule is subject to change.

The summit is hosted by Bittax

Bittax is a cutting edge platform for cryptocurrency taxation calculation. Bittax helps the user consolidate his cryptocurrency portfolio without providing any private addresses or seeds and is able – using innovative methods and algorithms – to provide an optimal tax liability calculation custom-calculated based on the user’s portfolio. Bittax was founded by former deputy director of tax authority and cryptocurrency enthusiast Gidi Bar Zakay.