MindChain – When Blockchain Meets AI

Artificial intelligence and Blockchain are the two major technologies that lead the innovation and change almost every industry from finance & banking, energy, real-estate to automotive, healthcare and arts. The growing use of blockchain technology in financial services will include a healthy dose of artificial intelligence, as new, automated analytic techniques look for patterns in the “relationship data” about people, contracts and transactions. Blockchain can accelerate AI adoption in the real world by expanding its community, involving more workforce and making datasets accessible not only for tech giants, but also for smaller business. You are invited to a melding of the AI and Blockchain universes to explore the possibilities at the intersection of these two technologies. This event will offer the opportunity to connect AI and Blockchain experts & developers, traders, investment funds and entrepreneurs. Join us at the MindChain Conference to explore these two cutting-edge technological trends. Top minds in AI and Blockchain will discuss how they can be utilized to create opportunities for innovative solutions in every industry sector. And eventually the question will pop up: what happens in their intersection? What happens when they stop working off their own steam and instead join forces?