IT&Med Conference Moscow 2015


The IT&Med Conference is a 2-nd year event born out of the desire of a group of the medical professionals and IT professionals to pursue within the medical field the ideals for which they decided to embrace the medical profession and to improve the efficiency of the services they provide.
The organizers of this conference (Iksmedia) strongly desire to provide a yearly meeting place where health care professionals can come to dialogue with IT professionals and gain professional credits to rebuild a person-oriented health care.


Boris Zingerman, Head of the Department of computerization. Hematology Research Center. Russian Academy of Medical Science


“New IT technologies in medicine provide three primary patient benefits: It helps increase how well medical staff follows care guidelines for specific conditions. It reduces the number of medication errors. It also improves how well medical professionals are able to track the progression of diseases within a community” – Boris Zingerman said during his speech.






Ludmila Bokova, Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Constitutional Legislation and State Construction, The Federal Council.



“While information technology can improve patient care, it can also compromise patient information, potentially making personal details available to people outside of the doctor-patient relationship” – Ludmila Bokova, highlighted as an important aspect.






Information technology plays important and sometimes surprising roles in medicine. According to a review of studies published in the “Annals of Internal Medicine”, there is good evidence that using information technology in the medical field can improve the efficiency and quality of care. However, many institutions in Russia don’t take full advantage of the technology available or don’t document the impact of implementing information technology.

Artem Avedian, PhD, head of the department of the IT medical solutions, GE HealthcareIT&MED 2015IT&MED 2015



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