The difference between colloidal particles and ions? What pills mean to our body?

2015.08.31 Chemistry references indicate the size of a magnesium ion (ionically charged single-magnesium atom) for example, to be 1 X 10-6 microns. Compare this with the average colloid particle, which is 1 micron.

pillsPut in terms that are more easily referenced and understood, if we were to make a model of a magnesium ion with a one milimeter (mm) radius (about the size of a very small BB—ball bearing), and then if we wanted to make a comparable model of a colloid to the same scale, then the colloid model would have to have a radius of one kilometer (km). A sphere with a one-kilometer radius representing a colloidal partical would hold about 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 of the 1 mm sized models that represent the size of a  agnesium ion. That is a “1” with eighteen zeros, or 1 X 1018 , or one quintillian, or one billion billion, or said yet another way—a very very large number. Now think of the pills size with the content in the pill shell.

Which would you imagine that the body could most easily absorb either through the vilii of the intistine or through the membranes of each individual cell?

Likely, the stomach acid would be able to dissolve some of the bonds on the outer layers of the colloid thus making them available for absorption, but it is highly unlikely that the stomach acid would be able to penetrate and dissolve a significant percent of the one quintillian atoms present in a colloid particle. Ions, on the other hand, are already broken down into the smallest atomic size and already have a natural charge making them available for immediate absorption without the need for any further digestion or dissolution.

When it comes to mineral absorption, size does matter, and smaller is better.


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