Former IVY League Prof exposes sexual revolution’s destruction, deceit


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Prof Jennifer Roback Morse
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For decades, the Sexual Revolution has promoted the guilt-free, do-whatever-feels-right culture, telling men and women to put their desires above all else – children, marriage vows, Godly principles and the like.

The social movement has left a devastating path of destruction in the form of broken hearts, broken families and broken lives.

One former Ivy League professor has had enough, saying the victims of the Sexual Revolution have been ignored and trampled on for too long.

“Our mission is to clean up the mess of the Sexual Revolution,” said Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse. “Nobody has taken any responsibility for doing that.”

Morse is founder and president of the Ruth Institute, a nonprofit interfaith organization that supports traditional marriage.

According to Morse, who taught economics at Yale and George Mason universities for 15 years and also served as a research fellow for Stanford University’s Hoover Institution from 1997 to 2005, the victims of the Sexual Revolution are varied and many, and include:

  • adult children of divorce
  • reluctantly divorced people
  • heartbroken career women
  • donor conceived persons
  • women who regret their abortions
  • pornography addicts and their families
  • stay-at-home moms ridiculed for their choice

The Ruth Institute recently hosted a “Healing the 21st Century Family” conference, and Morse said during the daylong event’s opening remarks that the fight over abortion, marriage, feminism and the like has been largely lost by conservatives because liberals fight with their hearts, while the right fights with its mind.

It’s time conservatives fight with their hearts, too, she said.

“A lot of what is going on in the culture is not intellectual,” she said. “We are being blasted by emotions or feelings. I figure it’s time to get on the same playing field … focus on the victims of the Sexual Revolution.”

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