Currencies, geopolitics, real estate, finance… 2014: the “big American retreat”


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2013 is coming to an end on a world-before totally broken apart; 2014 will be merciless for this world of which only ruins will remain. But “we can also build something good with the stones that block the path” and, in this chaos, the world-after has already taken its first steps […]

Whether it be the economic or political woes of the United States, Japan and the European Union, the Russian diplomatic victories over Syria, Armenia or the Ukraine, or Chinese ambitions in the East China Sea, tomorrow’s powers are quickly filling the geopolitical void left by yesterday’s powers.

But 2014 will experience a dramatic acceleration of this profound trend thanks to the convergence of several factors: loss of control of the world by the United States, the end of desperate rescue methods (mainly quantitative easing), a new implosion of the real estate market… Not forgetting the groundswell which is the forced reform of the international monetary system. Using roulette is an example, until recently there has been the phase “place your bets” during which the players have been able to prepare and implement their strategies; we are now rather in the phase “no more bets” where the players will soon be able to see their profits-or losses.

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Article prepared by Leon Dubois

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