7,000 LGBT people are storming a Catholic Cathedral, which is being protected by a human shield of young parishioners


Photo credit: www.urbanchristiannews.com

Photo credit: www.urbanchristiannews.com

On November 24, 2013 1,500 young Catholic parishioners formed a human shield in San Juan, Argentina to protect the Cathedral of San Juan Bautista from 7,000 lesbians, feminists and pro-abortion protestors (LGBT). These perverts spat at the young men, mocked them, doused them with paint, and flaunted sexual acts in front of them.  LGBT protestors wrote profane words on the cathedral, even calling for it to be burned to the ground! Undeterred, the young men did not respond to these provocations, and instead continued to pray, tears streaming down their faces.

This is not the first case of an attack on a Catholic institution in Argentina. In recent years, extremists sparked a large fire near the cathedral. They even burned and danced around an effigy of Pope Francis. Talk about sac-religious and disrespectful!

The young parishioners who have been defending the cathedral during these protests claim that they’re under “satanic attack,” part of the “anti-Christian world revolution.” The mass media is already calling this action a “Rage of Sodom.”


Nowadays, we are increasingly being pushed towards tolerance, specifically tolerance towards sexual minorities. It should come as no surprise to anyone that some “orthodox journalists” are using their powers to promote tolerance towards the LGBT attacks through orthodox media outlets, while condemning those young Christians for doing what’s best for their country. God forbid Argentina should repeat the fate of other members of so-called “progressive humanity.”

But let us not forget what the term “tolerance” means. It’s derived from the medical discourse and refers to a condition in which the body cannot guard against external contagions. A human corpse has absolute tolerance.  And yet today, more people than ever are trying to instill us with this ideal. Why? Because they wish us to be lifeless and thoughtless, too?

Despite the law banning the promotion of homosexuality to children, LGBT people freely spend their rallies, protests, and even movie festivals with their hands all over one another. The police don’t stop these iniquities. Moreover, they even seem to protect these perverts! I’ve learned from reliable sources that after the election of the capital mayor, policies towards LGBT actions have changed, and perverts have been given a “green light,” so to speak, to continue their gross misconduct. I’ve witnessed four separate incidents in the past three months alone. This means that only our indifference and civic intervention can save Russia from final corruption. We must be aware of our responsibility for the things society considers “normal.” Otherwise, our children will curse us.

There is nowhere to retreat. Nowhere to hide. As Viktor Tsoi sang: “What will be worth a thousand words when the fortress of hand will be important.”


Article prepared by Tatiana Burnaza

Article is translated from Russian to English. The original article was published by Dmitry Tsorionov on http://orthoview.ru/7000-lgbt-aktivistov-napali-na-1500-molodyx-katolikov-zashhishhayushhix-xram-v-argentine/

32 thoughts on “7,000 LGBT people are storming a Catholic Cathedral, which is being protected by a human shield of young parishioners

  1. I am speechless at this video clip.
    One thing I cannot understand is that there has been almost NO mainstream media coverage, of this story.
    If the roles were reversed, and Christians or ‘Pro Life’ people were behaving in this disgusting way – no doubt there would be, worldwide, media uproar & condemnation.
    As a woman, these ‘feminists’ do not represent me. Instead, it would have been an honour, to stand among those courageous young men, defending their church.

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