Matta Fair 2013 in Kuala-Lumpur, Malaysia


More than 80,000 people were in attendance for this year’s MATTA FAIR®, Malaysia’s foremost tourism expo. The three-day event (September 6th– 8th) connects businesses to their customers, providing vendors with a unique opportunity to promote new products and establish new relationships while gaining insight into the competition.

The PWTC in Kuala Lumpur welcomed nearly 1,500 vendors to this year’s fair, which was organized by the Malaysian Association of Tour & Travel Agents. “It’s time to travel!” they not-so-subtly proclaimed.

But is it really “time to travel?” With the uncertain state of our global economy – civil war in Syria, fluctuating foreign exchange rates, and nuclear disasters – should people really be spending their hard earned money on vacations? Why not invest in something with a return potential?

Well, it basically boils down to savings – some deals are just too good to pass up. People rushed from booth to booth, swiping up everything from hotel packages, to air fare, to exotic tours and tents!

There was an abundance of useful information for planning the perfect vacation – even live music, cultural performances, contests and prizes. By day three, the fair had basically devolved into one giant party!

Isn’t it time you saw the world from outside your little bubble?

Take a break! Go for a long hike. Go ahead and book that vacation you’ve been putting off. Better yet – book a vacation to someplace you’ve never been before. Be adventurous. Surprise yourself. You might just be surprised by what the world has to offer.

Sure, the global economy might take a huge hit tomorrow. Or, it could stabilize. Who knows? The future is uncertain. So live each day as if it were your last on Earth.

That’s what the Matta Fair is all about. So if you missed out on all the fun, don’t make the same mistake next year. Visit for more information.

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Report prepared by Annie J

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