The premier digital marketing for real estate
The premier digital marketing for real estate
Outsource your digital marketing to the experts of Ana Shell Media, the premier SEO and digital marketing team for real estate firms, developers, real estate agents, property managers and owners.

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Experts in Real Estate Advertising

Ana Shell Media serves: Real estate developers, Real estate firms, Agents, Time shares, Property managers and operators, Property owners
Because we specialize in real estate, we stay up to date on the rules and regulations of the industry and follow the best practices for real estate marketing. Our staff has real-life experience in the industry, so they know what is involved in real estate sales. We also know the unique profile of the people out there looking for what our clients have to offer to better appeal to their needs.


Focused on one industry
We work with real estate developers, agents, sellers, property owners and managers, which allows us to learn the industry inside-out. We know the audience you’re trying to reach.
Not locked into a contract
We work with you to create month-to-month marketing strategies with no long-term commitment. At the same time, our service is more affordable than hiring in-house.
Optimize the costs
Keep all the deliverables while reducing the costs of marketing with a more effective strategy that yields results.
Personal manager
You have a personal manager who is dedicated to your account and creates reports each month to analyze the effectiveness of your marketing strategy by monitoring the results.



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Book your free 60-minute consultation to learn how to get more leads and grow your business.


We look at your current marketing to determine if you are ready to launch a campaign and what results you can expect.
We work to make sure your website will convert leads into clients.
Launch > Track > Tweak
We track each marketing strategy to find opportunities and problem areas while tweaking it to deliver better results.
Once we have a proven formula, we increase it until you have a full schedule of profitable clients.


Property Owners
Starting at $1500 USD/month, you can sell your property faster for more money with an aggressive marketing campaign that ensures it gets noticed by the right buyers. Online marketing allows the listing to get in front of more people who will compete for your property.
Real Estate Firms
Bring in new clients with less work with marketing packages that begin at $2500 USD. Get noticed even without referrals or a lot of legwork as online advertising puts your name in front of more potential buyers or sellers who are ready to take the next step.
Time Shares
Sell your time shares faster even in saturated markets and get a better price. Packages start at $5000 and bring in the results you want in a short amount of time. Get your time shares in front of interested buyers who have the money and are ready to buy.